August 27, 2013

Website Design


We envision a website that articulates your business

We like to develop websites that make it easy for business owners to update without having to call up an Website Admin to update it.  For that reason we create most of our sites in WordPress which makes it really easy for non technical users to update, modify, and delete content.  Making it flexible for everyday users creates a better experience for end users like your customers.

How we go about it…

two200  1)  PLAN – Our discussion starts with plotting out current objectives of the website as well as go over what you expect the website to accomplish.  We’ll go over web design strategies that are focused to attract new/current customers to visit your business.

browser10  2)  DESIGN – Propose various example of what the site might look like.  Go over placement of pages, features, navigation, and other core elements that will only enhance the user experience.

website6  3)  DEVELOP – We’ll get busy at creating something that can be brought to life.  After a first round skeleton has been created we’ll present our design work for feedback and report.

loading10  4)  LAUNCH – Since you’ve provided us with valuable feedback we’ll be able to integrate that into the site.  We’ll repeat the process until we’ve got it right and you’re happy.


We take you through the steps necessary to build a professional website from beginning to end.  Much of building a website is like cooking a masterpiece dessert that everyone can enjoy.  After taking all of the ingredients needed to fit your specifications we put them together, in the correct order of course, to show off your beautiful piece of art to the world.  Because communication is key with a successful website design we’ll be having you involved much of the time to provide feedback to get it just right.  All of our customers like this approach and we’re sure you will too!