April 14, 2015


“SEO is a cost effective solution for yielding specific searchable results for your product or service”

   Why is SEO important?

Optimizing your website can not only attract new visitors but also enhance the experience of the end user.  Due to so many different websites, most that are closely related to what you offer it’s a no brainier to rank high on search listings.  It’s why we take the guess work out of how to rank and ultimately place your site at the top of the search listings.


In-Site Optimization

reportFirst we start with an In-Site report to first present our findings on how elements, keywords, and positioning should be altered to fit top search engines.  With this data we start from the ground up fine tuning and sharping the corners of your website.  We not only make it easier for potential prospects to find but also top search engines alike, from friendly URL’s to common search terms typed into search engines.  They may call it finesse, we call it science.


directoryJust like the old times people pull out the digital phone book, looking through their local listings (whatever that method might be) for the most appropriate match.  Before there might of been a dozen local phone books to search and now…. so many more along with an infinite listing of online digital directories.   We take your business and add it to the top search listings across the web so you can be found.


contentSo much of the web depends on not only specific content but also relevant.  As a marketer this can be the toughest part because choosing the terminology and copyright is long winded.  We [marketers] always perceive that saying what we think will come out natural, however customers and search engines need to intake every word at ease.  Like they always say, “content is king.”

Schema Architecture

schemaarchitectureSome of the science behind creating a well equipped site has to do with Schema.  This foreign terms means taking the content, URL’s, and Site-Mark-Up to make is easy for search engines to read.  Basically making everything easy to understand as a whole.  If you want certain pages, store hours, reviews, of menus easily displayed in the search results then adjusting the schema will provide end users with this easy to find experience.