January 3, 2014

Our Process

Businesses come in all shapes and sizes, which means we need to be ever changing to what comes our way.  Whether you’re trying to revamp your current online marketing strategy, launch a new business, or look to generate new customers we’re here be your marketing experts.  Upon our first conversation we’ll assist with identifying what services will fit your business the best.  Depending on your preferences, budget, and scalibilty we’ll tailor your marketing program to yield the most ROI.  Below are some attributes to think about during building your marketing presence.  Don’t worry, we’ll help figure out all the specifics.

Steps to success + Execution  = ROI

Brainstorming-40  Product – We figure out how your product/service fits into your industry


    • Are you looking to rejuvenate or create a new brand identity?
    • Who are your competitors?

Local-Business-40  Placement – Clearly establishing how customers think and purchase to ensure yours gets seen first.

    • How do you want customers to view your brand?

Ranking-Factor-40  Priority – Define execution of the plan so that it goes off smoothly without any hiccups.

    • What marketng efforts do you want first launch?
    • Are there any time sensitive/critical dates or events?
    • What do you want to accomplish?

Traffic-Conversion-40  Promotion – Set the plan out to the general population within your target markets.  Based on the above we might use different channels to drive the message home.

    • What’s been working best with your marketing?

After an in depth analysis of your current marketing efforts we’ll come up with a marketing program that’ll be sure to not only build new customers but retain them too.   Our team will interpret your business goals then convert them into a step by step road map for exceptional achievement.  We use the most sophisticated Web 2.0 tools such as social media, SEO, direct electric communication, and marketing automation which makes efforts run like a well oiled machine.